Buyer registration has been opened!

Buyer registration has been opened!

BBTF 2033 opens for Trade show buyers and sellers registration has started at the begining of December 2022 as the committee formally announced the theme and logo concept of this annual trade show at soon will be held in June 14-17, 2023 at the Bali International Convention Centre (BICC), Nusa Dua.

BBTF is supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia as partner since the first establishment of this prestigious event. Together with fellow founders, initiators, sponsors and all dedicated stakeholders, both private and public, local government, and the community who make this event stronger and become an important promotional event in the tourism sector.

This year BBTF is very grateful for the opening door of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take part in supporting BBTF as an overseas partner – joining for the first time in BBTF 2023 by connecting Indonesia’s potential to the world, bringing international media and buyers to see first-hand our rich culture and potentials.

The synergy and partnership of Badung Regency which is rich with diversity destinations brought strengths to the brand positioning. Bali has been exposed positively on the map of quality tourism in the eyes of the world specially after successfully hosting the G20 and globally recognized industry side events.

As we have said before that synergizing, collaborating to maintain the tourism sector which has an important role in the economy of Indonesia and Bali in particular is important to be maintained together.

The new BBTF 2023 logo concept of Dewata Nawa Sangha (Nine Gods), a Balinese philosophy that represents the spiritual cardinal directions as well as the nine holiest temples in Bali.
The number nine is also a symbol of perfection so with the continued support of dedicated stakeholders, the upcoming 9th BBTF in 2023 is expected to be a milestone for BBTF.
Nine also conveys spiritual awakening and service to humanity, holistic values that align with BBTF new theme of quality and sustainability.

The theme of “Reconnecting to Quality and Sustainable Tourism” – feels relevant to the current and future business trends of the national and global Tourism sector.

BBTF promotes the concept of tourism that prioritizes interactions between tourists and local communities that provide various benefits ranging from increased awareness of culture, local wisdom, environment, and economy to improving the economy in the local business ecosystem.

We believe that the concept of quality tourism is an attraction where tourists stay in a destination to really enjoy and learn about the daily life of the community and finally take a role to be responsible for the environment and local culture.

Travelers today are increasingly discerning in their search for Wellness, Healing, Sport, Cultural, Humanitarian experiences, direct involvement in conservation or even seeking a change in the meaning of life to be happier.

“We have this asset of diversity – Bali is the perfect destination – by getting to know the local wisdom, traditions and culture, we all hope that travelers become part of economic growth and contribute to environmental preservation.” I Putu Winastra, the chairman of the committee stating the insight.

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