As the spotlight turns to many parts of destinations in Indonesia, it is a must that BBTF includes Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia at the centre stage this month. Soon in the next few weeks Indonesian will celebrate the democracy, all eyes to Jakarta as the election of the new president candidate for the next 5 years will be announced. Within that exciting moment of the nation’s life, we would like to share the vibrant heart of Jakarta that fun to be discovered – Jakarta’s Old Town, or Kota Tua. This enchanting district not only showcases the country’s rich heritage and diverse gastronomy but also embodies the authentic spirit of Indonesia.

Heritage Exploration

For history enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs, the Kota Tua encapsulates the legacy of Indonesia’s colonial past, with Dutch influences evident in the architecture and layout of the buildings. Stroll through Fatahillah Square, the heart of the Old Town, where centuries-old structures stand as witnesses to the city’s storied past.

Few museums around the area, find the Jakarta History Museum that offers a glimpse into the city’s evolution. With artifacts, paintings, and historical within the hallowed halls of Museum Jakarta, time stands still, and every piece whispers a dramatic tale of the city’s tumultuous past, captivating visitors with its poignant narrative. The museum’s exhibits unfold like a gripping theatrical performance, each gallery revealing the dramatic episodes that have shaped Jakarta into the dynamic metropolis it is today.

Next for the art lovers explore the Wayang Museum, that dedicated to traditional Indonesian puppetry, as this is a serious cultural gem that showcases the nation’s rich artistic heritage. A pleasant learning of figurative from many parts of Indonesia that explained so much wisdom and principle behind each character that promises a trill like going back to time. 

To complete the Old Town experience, a visit to Sunda Kelapa Harbour is a good idea. This ancient port, dating back to the 12th century, is a gateway to Jakarta’s maritime history. Witness the majestic sight of traditional Indonesian schooners, known as Pinisi, lined along the dock, transporting visitors to a time when Jakarta was a bustling trading hub.

Additionally, the Maritime Museum adjacent to the harbor provides a comprehensive insight into Indonesia’s seafaring deep archipelago and spies journey stories. With displays of historic ships, navigational instruments, and maritime artifacts, the museum offers a captivating journey through the nation’s maritime legacy.

Authentic Discovery

Beyond the popular tourist and historic attractions, the real charm of Jakarta’s Old Town lies in its narrow alleys and hidden corners, where authentic experiences await. Engage with locals, explore traditional markets, and witness daily life in its unfiltered authenticity. The area is a living testament to the harmonious coexistence of the past and present. Try the local gastronomy that blends traditional Indonesian flavors with a modern twist, from the old-style Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch influence to the trendy new fusion restaurant, offering a diverse culinary landscape for every palate. 

Many things to see and experience the authentic Jakarta, last but not least is exploring the vibrant street art that adorns the walls of Old Town. Local artists have transformed the area into an open-air gallery, where murals depict the city’s diverse culture and contemporary influences. The street art adds a modern twist to the historical surroundings, creating a dynamic atmosphere that resonates with both locals and tourists.

Authenticity is the heartbeat of Indonesia. The beauty is not just in its landscapes but also in the stories, a testament to our nation’s journey – and through BBTF, we want to guide travellers to experience the real Indonesia, where tradition and modernity collide in harmony, we aim to share these narratives with the world,” expresses I Putu Winastra the chairman of the ASITA travel agent associations Bali chapter – the visionary leader head committee of Bali and Beyond Travel Fair 2024.Learn more at www.bbtf.co.id and join us at BBTF 2024 as buyers or sellers