General Information

Pre-Scheduled Appointment

Seller BBTF 2024

Before login PSA menu, please make sure that you have: 
      • Settled your registration fees.
      • Completed your Fascia Name, Delegates name, and Promotion Tools.
      • Please make sure the registrant Whatsapp number should be different with Full Delegate Whatsapp number.
PSA sessions are divided into two periods: 
    • Period 1: 16th -23rd May 2024
    • Period 2: 25th -31st May 2024
    • Sellers are able to have a total of 34 Appointments (for 2 days) during PSA, and the remaining appointments can be made directly during Offline Travex.
Travex (Travel Exchange) Offline on 13th & 14th June 2024: 
      • Meeting Appointment duration time : 10 minutes
      • Standby time : 10 minutes
      • 1 x Daily Lunch break (1 hour) + 1 x Daily Coffee break (15 minutes)
PSA can be made by FULL DELEGATE ONLY PSA instructions :
    1. Login to BBTF website ( > Input your Full Delegate Whatsapp number > Request Token > Input Token

2. Click “PSA” menu on left side

3. Buyer Directory is the listed buyers. The filter tool is to search the buyer by category.

4. Click  “Make Appointment” button to view the buyer profile
    CANCEL :  To back and see another buyer list SEND REQUEST: send an appointment request to selected buyer.

5. Successful Appointment request form (The status will be change from “make appointment to Requested”)

6. PSA Requested is to check the list of buyer request appointment 7. Click the “Waiting Confirmation” button to accept or reject the buyer-requested

8. Click the “Result” button to check the outcome of your PSA result session. PSA result status details : CONFIRM: your appointment request has been received and confirmed by the selected buyer REJECT: your appointment request has been received and rejected by the selected buyer NOT MATCHED: your appointment request has been received by the selected buyer but there is no availability. 9. Every incoming appointment request is sent to registered email address and Mobile Phone/WhatsApp number
    • Click the “View Appointment” link to check requests delivered to Mobile Phone/WhatsApp number
  • Click the Buyer Name or logo to see buyer profile > please select approve or reject on the appointment .